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Posted January 21st, 2020

Marketing your learning initiatives internally doesn’t have to be costly, in time or resource. In fact, what better way to promote and endorse the resources you’ve procured and implemented across the organisation than to actually use that content as the marketing material itself? We can generate buzz by not only making the learning resources available on a platform, but by using the course material itself to demo, highlight and celebrate your initiatives company-wide.

Module of the Month:

With a library of content modules in key topics, why not consider doing a Module of the Month every month, promoting a new course and drive conversation around this area? This is something we at MicroLearn do every month ourselves and encourage our customers to take advantage of as it’s a great way to highlight interesting or relevant topic areas. We know it can be difficult sometimes to encourage active, learner-led engagement with off-the-shelf eLearning, especially for busy, on-the-go staff. One way to combat this common challenge is to present modules in a way that feels really relevant, both for the individual’s career performance but also in a wider global context.

Why not think about a national awareness day or key event internally?

Awareness Days Image

It could be something like World Day for Cultural Diversity or a company-wide Sustainability Week. Now consider whether a topic within the library could map to and support the key theme of the event. Perhaps this could be “An Introduction to Equality & Diversity” or the “Sustainability” Module for our example days here.

By linking real-world or organisational events to key course topics within the library, you can effectively highlight the benefit and relevance of the eLearning for real-life scenarios.

Weekly Wellbeing Wednesday:

Wellbeing Coimputer

Or maybe you could do this every week, perhaps a Wellbeing Wednesday post with an attached infographic, which could be shared to all staff to get them openly talking about important topics. Maybe you could follow this up with a forum where you can get staff talking about everything from Relationship Building, to Relaxation, and from Changing Behaviours through to Mindsets.

Infographic Campaign:

Infographics image


Infographics are a great way of making learning available anywhere. In our bite-sized movie The Adventures of Alan Dee, our title-star Alan’s success came from placing infographic which were part of his learning library all around the office, to bring the learning offline and capitalise on those key moments, like when people are waiting outside the meeting room, waiting for the kettle to boil in the break out area or on the back of the bathroom door, where you can capture an opportunity to learn and show that the organisation is committed to life-long learning, which doesn’t always have to be confined to a desk, undertaking online courses on a learning platform which can feel remote and isolating.

Shared Videos:

Video Assets

You could also try sending out course videos on a regular basis, via email or internal messaging application, as one-minute moments of learning for your teams. Why not consider having different departments or members of staff involved in choosing these topics and if possible, ask them to share a blog post or a short video of themselves explaining why they choose that particular video to share? This will undoubtedly generate buzz and demonstrate to colleagues that their peers not only engage with the resources but find significant and noteworthy value from the learning opportunities.



Maybe you have the functionality on your platform to start up social forums to follow up on some of these activities and promote open conversation and social learning? Being able to open company-wide dialogues which encourage people to share their skill areas as well as their experiences, thoughts and viewpoint on different topics is a great way to embed learning within the culture of the organisation.

Ultimately, we’re aiming to boost engagement and usage to drive that all-important return on investment, and to do this, we can really make the most of the learning resources themselves to share, promote and endorse the value of the learning initiatives you’ve put in place across the business.

If you have any ideas or suggestions of ways to use content as a marketing tool in your workplace, we’d love to hear from you! Get involved by emailing hello@microlearn.com.

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