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Posted May 30th, 2019

What does “good” look like to you? In most internal marketing campaigns, which focus on promoting and endorsing your learning initiatives, the end goal is that your solution becomes ‘business as usual’, as it has been positively ingrained and sustained within the company culture and is considered a fundamental part of your organisation’s values.

You want to take the target audience from a current state, through transition to a desired future state. This is a process of change, so make sure you’re communicating the benefits and addressing any concerns which arise to avoid any barriers to success.

Gather good news stories and communicate them regularly, to highlight the success and advantages experienced by peers and from top-down. Case studies and positive reviews can be a major factor in the “buying” process, in a consumer sense, but also in the “buy in” of learners in your programmes. Share these stories as often as you can, throughout the campaign and beyond to keep the positive upwards spiral going!

The campaign duration should include a range of marketing communications in an appropriate mix. The mix will help your audience to remember the key messages and the more focused and tailored your approach is, the more effectively you can communicate your message to your staff.

Think about the way consumer products are marketed – you may see a catchy advert on TV, then a poster on a bus stop, you may even receive a sample in a magazine. This mix helps you remember the product more clearly, reinforced by an effective drip, drip or little and often approach. We can use the same principle when marketing digital learning, by regularly sharing communications and varying the medium to keep the message fresh and memorable.

Finally, consider what’s gone well in your campaign. Have you had any great successes? Did a particular type of event, means of communication or key message have a significant and positive impact? If so, can you repeat or increase this to continue the success of the initiative in the future?

And also consider what didn’t go so well. Was there a comms method which was a bit of a flop? Was something not quite right in the mix? Were the updates too frequent, becoming somewhat overwhelming? Were the updates too infrequent, so the message got lost? Whatever it may be, look to revise and rework this in your next campaign to improve your chances of success!

Take feedback on board all the time, as this is the best way to ensure tangible results from your campaigns. After all, your staff are your “buyers” and we need to secure their buy in, in order to generate that all important return on investment, which may be usage levels, demonstrable workplace performance improvements or another metric you’ve determined. Whatever good looks like to you, take time to review your campaigns, do more of what worked and most of all, celebrate your successes!

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Written by Ali Soper

Ali Soper is Creative Director and Cofounder of MicroLearn, a passionate team of eLearning creators, developing stunning, engaging and effective microlearning resources across a wide and ever-growing range of topics. Ali has a First Class Honours Degree in English and first started creating professionally deliverable eLearning content during her years at Jenison Digital Learning. She refused to accept that ‘click next continue’ was really the best way to learn so alongside her father Steve, the pair cofounded MicroLearn to deliver top class, bite-sized content which actually helps people to work better, safer and smarter.

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