Bespoke Content Services

Here at MicroLearn, we recognise that all organisations have their own unique set of specialised requirements for training and induction… which is why we provide a professional service to custom build content, in the MicroLearn style, that’s tailored to your organisation’s eLearning needs.

We create interactive and engaging courses using VideoScribe and ADAPT authoring, available in either our Module or Video Plus formats depending on your needs. Our pricing is highly competitive and varies depending on the scale of the project. Call 02380 302030 or email at to find out more!

For a global transport company, we created a custom induction course, designed to be given to new employees upon joining the company. For this project, we worked from a PowerPoint presentation and created their custom course and separate quiz using Adapt.

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For a UK software development company, we created four specialist bespoke courses in our Video-Plus format, including custom imagery in each explainer video, a knowledge check and translated closed caption subtitles and transcripts in Polish and Romanian.

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For a UK provider of specialist hire equipment, we created 3 bespoke Modules in specialist areas, using the content provided by their L&D team. Working from a PowerPoint, we recreated the classroom training into SCORM compliant eLearning objects. We also created 3 bespoke videos to accompany each of the modules

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Managing your learning is made easy using our Learning Management System, CheckPoint. All of our resources can be effortlessly hosted on our LMS, and self-managed by your admin team.​

Why choose CheckPoint?

  • Tracking and Report
  • Appraisal and Performance
  • Self-Administration
  • Favourite Courses
  • Host any Content
  • SCORM compatible

Already have an LMS?

Our off-the-shelf library will work seamlessly on all popular platforms, including Moodle, Cornerstone and Brightwave.

Want to know more about CheckPoint or interested in hosting our content library on your own LMS? Email the team via

Click here to download our PDF on System Requirements for MicroLearn Content.

Off The Shelf vs. Customisation

An off the shelf library certainly has many advantages for your organisation, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Immediate availability
  • External maintenance and updates
  • Community support
  • No additional strain on internal resources
  • Ready to deploy

In most cases, off the shelf does an awesome job of covering key subjects (particularly Soft Skills!). However, we know that sometimes you need more than a generic course. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever find an out-of-the-box solution which does everything you need for your organisation.

That’s why we offer a customisation service, where you can select courses from the library to personalise for your needs. That could be:

  • Tweaking the existing content to make it more specific to your organisation
  • Adding a new section to expand and explain your company policy or view on a subject
  • Removing a section which doesn’t quite align to your organisation’s values

Whatever it might be, we have a solution to help to tailor the library to your needs. For more information on the process and cost of our customisation services, please get in touch with the team to find out more.

Content Mapping Services

Key Behaviours Mapping

We help to curate learning pathways of MicroLearn content to support your company values. Mapping our content to align to organisational programmes and key behaviours is an essential way of embedding learning into your organisation’s culture and ensuring that your investment in an eLearning library is worthwhile!

For more on our expert mapping services and how our team can help you to create pathways especially for you, contact the team today.

Apprenticeship Programme Mapping

MicroLearn have a proven track record of supplying apprenticeship providers with bite-sized training, to complement Apprenticeship Programmes. Our expert mapping services align MicroLearn content alongside a number of Apprenticeship programmes, the MicroLearn catalogue supports online apprenticeship training.

If you’re looking to find an apprenticeship training provider, to offer supplementary learning to help meet the 20% off-the-job training required, MicroLearn can help!

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