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Posted September 5th, 2019

MicroLearn’s Creative Team have created nine brand new courses, released in July 2019, which increase the size of our off-the-shelf catalogue to over 150 titles.

Introducing to the library a new course on Workplace Diplomacy, which has been added to our Communication & Social Skills suite. Diplomacy and tact are essential workplace skills which take time, patience and good judgement to develop as each person and situation is unique. By honing these skills you will be able to convey your ideas or opinions without damaging relationships or causing offence.

This module explores why diplomacy is important, how to become a diplomat and the key skills involved in effectively communicating with others, including developing your emotional intelligence to help secure a win-win outcome.

Ali Soper, Creative Director & Cofounder said: “An addition to our popular Communication and Social Skills series, we have introduced a new Workplace Diplomacy course. Tact and diplomacy are essential skills in the workplace as they’re used to aid effective communication when people need to be persuasive or assertive, often deployed when giving feedback, delivering bad news and during negotiations. In this course we look at why diplomacy is important and the key skills involved in effectively communicating with others.”

See below for a preview of the Workplace Diplomacy video:

For more information on this course or any of the other courses in the MicroLearn catalogue, contact the team at hello@microlearn.com

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