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Posted October 1st, 2019

An opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on wellbeing at work and work-life balance, the 7th of October marks the start of National Work Life Week. The Working Families’ annual initiative gives employers the chance to showcase how they promote work life balance.

The effect of increased working hours is having a significant effect on the lifestyle and life balance of a huge number of people across the UK. According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in six of us will experience a mental health problem in any given week and they are concerned that a sizable group of individuals are neglecting the factors in their lives which build their resistance and resilience to these mental health concerns.

A key way to protect your mental health against the potential detrimental effects of work-related stress is to ensure you have a healthy work-life balance. Achieving balance will enable you to pursue both professional and personal interests but realising this balance can be quite a challenge!

As such, we’ve chosen our Life Balance module as October’s Module of the Month. By exploring this course, you’ll be able to recognise the signs of an unhealthy life balance, discover the secrets of finding and then sustaining a positive work-life balance and finally how to encourage others to achieve it.

To explore the Life Balance Module for FREE, click here.

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