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Posted July 1st, 2018

For July’s Module of the Month, we’ve selected Relationship Building, from our Workplace Wellbeing range, in recognition of the International Day of Friendship on July 30th.

Originating in Paraguay in 1958, when a Dr. Bracho created the World Friendship Crusade, the day is founded on the belief that friendship is vital to overcoming the cultural, political and religious differences that separate people around the world.

In 2011, the United Nations General Assembly decided that July 30th would mark the international celebration, although some countries still maintain their traditional events, including India which marks the event on the first Sunday of August and the city of Oberlin, Ohio which celebrates on April 8th.

Created in collaboration with the Learning Architect, Liggy Webb, our module is designed to provide learners with a greater understanding of how to build and maintain positive working relationships by exploring what they need to thrive and ways they can deal with conflict in the workplace.

To access the course for free, click here.

Did you that as well as Relationship Building, our Workplace Wellbeing range also includes courses on Positive Thinking, Resilience, Empathy, Life Balance and Healthy Living?

To find out more about the range, or others in the MicroLearn Catalogue why not get in touch with the team by emailing hello@microlearn.com or check out the MicroLearn LMS and try out our content for yourself.

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