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Posted April 12th, 2018
MicroLearn launch 12 more courses increasing the full portfolio to 120 titles!
Tracy Capaldi-Drewett, Group Commercial Director, MicroLearn

At MicroLearn, we truly believe that the future of learning in the workplace is relevant content that is rapidly created to meet the demands of an information hungry workforce. The vanishing line between learning and work will inevitably mean the increase of short, engaging and relevant learning experiences easily and quickly accessed at the point of need.

We are seeing our customers rapidly adopting the new technology and learning methodologies, specifically microlearning strategies. They’re telling us that their employees are hungry for information, support, help and learning. However, they no longer want or can commit to long training sessions but demand short bursts of learning in bite-sized chunks that they can engage in on their own time.
Although not the only factor in the development of effective learning, managing cognitive load is one of the most important.

Conventional training courses and eLearning often subsume the learner in too much information at once, for too long a period of time and as such usage of traditional long interventions is in decline. This is the opposite of what we are seeing in the usage of MicroLearn.

MicroLearn’s design team understand the limitations of working memory and allow learners to have the time to properly reflect on what they are learning, connect it to what they already know and apply it to problems they’re facing every day in their workflows. This is achieved through short, sharp, relevant interactive experiences, including video and “checking of understanding” at the point of need.

We have worked hard in ensuring the MicroLearn content is relevant and meets the organisational needs and objectives of our customers. Many of our customers are on a journey to transform the organisation with learning and development taking a key role in cultural change, developing the skills of high performance teams and improving agility and efficiency across the organisation. MicroLearn is closely aligned to that journey.

More specifically, the MicroLearn portfolio covers key compliance topics, change management, workplace wellbeing, customer service, leadership, personal development, teamwork, and finance.

See link to full library, click here.

New modules released are:

  • GDPR
  • Workplace Wellbeing – Changing Behaviours
  • Workplace Wellbeing – Empathy
  • Workplace Wellbeing – Life Balance
  • Workplace Wellbeing – Relationship Building
  • Workplace Wellbeing – Relaxation
  • Safeguarding Children – For England & Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults – For England & Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland

For further information on these releases and the full library contact the team at hello@microlearn.com.

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