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Posted May 16th, 2018

With the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into effect later this month, we’ve been busy overhauling our existing Data Protection range to reflect the new legislation and the impact it will have on organisations.

With the regulations handing back control of data to the individual, organisations are now required to demonstrate and evidence compliance regardless of their size, industry or location.

Noticing a rise in market demand for content covering the regulations, the team quickly recognised that a one size fits all approach wasn’t going to work. So, to provide learners with greater flexibility, we’ve created several GDPR courses enabling organisations to select the version that works best for them.

So, what does MicroLearn’s new GDPR range include?

Well, the range features 5 titles, starting with a comprehensive overview and including four breakdowns which are designed to explore specific elements of the regulations in detail.

The GDPR Overview explores all elements of the regulations including the types of data covered, an individual’s rights and the basis for processing as well as required accountability and governance measures.

Never scrimping on comprehension in pursuit of engaging microlearning, the GDPR overview is the longest resource that MicroLearn has created.

However, if you’re looking for something more focused and bite-sized to meet your organisations GDPR training requirements, the breakdown option might work better for you.

An Introduction to GDPR
Covering the basic elements of GDPR, the introduction explores the organisational roles associated with data protection, the new rules for processing international data transfers and the six protection principles that define the regulations as a whole.

Lawful Basis for Processing GDPR
An essential element of the new regulations is establishing and communicating a lawful basis for processing an individual’s data and this course explores how your choice is defined by the data’s category and the purpose you intend to use it for.

Individual Rights Under GDPR
At the heart of the new legislation is the decision to provide individuals with more control over how their data is used and processed by organisations. This course explores the new, improved rights each individual has and how they should be addressed within the Privacy Notice organisations must provide to all service users.

Accountability & Governance.
GDPR is intended to hold organisations to account over how they use, process and share an individual’s data and therefore introduces a range of new security requirements, including documenting and protecting processing activities, as well as increased penalties if it’s found guilty of negligence.

Like all MicroLearn content, each title in the GDPR range is available as either a Module, featuring a whiteboard-style video, expanded learning and knowledge check, or a VideoPlus which contains just the video and quiz.

The range also includes a new Compilation Quiz resource designed to test learner’s knowledge of the GDPR content as it’s pass/fail marking will track compliance within an organisation’s learning platform.

For an opportunity to explore our GDPR content for yourself, sign up for a FREE trial here, or email hello@microlearn.com to receive more information.

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