MicroLearn Marketing Pack

As part of our commitment to continually bring added value to your investment with us, we’ve created a series of MicroLearn Assets which we hope you will find beneficial in incorporating, promoting & kick-starting MicroLearn on your LMS.

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Using the MicroLearn Marketing Pack

We thought it may be helpful if we share some simple ways you can use the marketing material internally which will help to ensure you’re supporting your employee’s development with MicroLearn, boosting learner engagement and guaranteeing that all important ROI!

Download the Marketing Your Content Internally PDF here.

See below for our Top Tips:

Top Tips: Digital Brochure

Why not share around our Digital Brochure, which introduces MicroLearn and our ethos and also includes our whole MicroLearn library so employees can get to know the brand and explore the content titles for themselves to drive learner-led discovery?


Top Tips: MicroLearn Showreel

Do you have a TV in your communal spaces, an internal shared messaging system or perhaps company social media channels? Why not share the MicroLearn Showreel to increase visibility and recognition of the learning content available to your teams?


Top Tips: Logos & Infographic

We have included our logos for you in case you’re looking to produce any promotional material internally and a Microlearning Infographic which you can share within your internal Marketing campaigns to help create that essential “Buzz!”


Top Tips: Blogs

Blogs are a great way to share relevant industry insights, current affairs and internal activities which can relate to and highlight key learning topics within the MicroLearn library. For example, our Module of the Month shines the spotlight on a new course each month, related to a national awareness day, positioning the content in a way which makes it feel infinitely more relevant and topical.

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