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Posted February 19th, 2019

We’re back in the office and catching our breath after a busy week attending the 2019 Learning Technologies Exhibition where we brought the MicroLearn Cinema to London’s ExCel Centre and premiered our original production, The Adventures of Alan Dee.

Following weeks of preparation, we launched our bite-sized movie to great acclaim as attendees positively responded to its message highlighting the need to ensure employee engagement with learning content.

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Following the star of the film, Alan Dee, as he’s tasked with implementing a new eLearning solution across the organisation that will provide a strong return on investment, audiences were introduced to a series of innovative solutions designed to create buzz and promote content through internal marketing methods, after he initially struggled to generate the interest the organisation’s board were looking for.

To watch the production for yourself, click here.

Although The Adventures of Alan Dee was just a bit of fun, the production addresses genuine problems, as discussions with prospects and clients revealed that required return on investment isn’t just a numbers game, but involves real-world performance improvements which are considered essential if Learning & Development departments are to justify the implementation of new eLearning solutions.

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Continuing to explore this idea, MicroLearn’s Creative Director, Ali Soper, delivered a seminar entitled The Writing’s on the Wall: tips and tricks to boost your organisation’s learning culture and ROI, which explored how using simple marketing techniques in an L&D environment can drive learner engagement and secure a strong return on investment.

The seminar proved popular as people responded to the idea that a thriving learning culture involves more than just deploying great content across a modern platform, and in fact requires promotion and endorsement from the top, down in order for a positive learning environment to be sustained.

As well as providing the opportunity to learn more about the learning engagement challenges faced by both our existing customers and potential clients, the Learning Technologies exhibition enables us to share our customer driven development roadmap, revealing how MicroLearn’s flexible, multi-modal solution can support organisations of all sizes, as we offer effective and engaging bite-sized content that our learners actually want and need.

Ali Soper, MicroLearn’s Creative Director said: “Learning Technologies is definitely a massive milestone for us as we launched at LT17 with just 42 compliance titles, and in just 2 years, we’ve more than tripled the size of the library, with over 750,000 learners now using and enjoying MicroLearn content.”

“This year’s event was bigger and better than ever! It was awesome to see so many people watching our bite-sized movie, enjoying a bag of popcorn and having great conversations with the team – I’m already looking forward to seeing what LT20 will bring!”


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