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Posted June 5th, 2018

Always looking for innovative and dynamic ways to improve learner experience, we’ve developed a brand-new feature which has been rolled out across all the MicroLearn courses. Supporting completion of the resources to ensure the content is successfully tracked and registered in your learning platform, the new feature reminds the learner to complete all components before exiting the resource.

Applied to the “And Finally” button before the final Top Tips section at the end of each course, the new feature is designed to prevent learners from progressing to the Completion section without first having finished all other elements of the course.

For those that have missed one or more components, a pop-up box will now appear, alerting learners to the incomplete activities, opening the progress menu on the right so they can identify what’s been missed.

The MicroLearn team have developed the feature to minimise the risk of reports from organisations where learners have closed a course, missed an activity by mistake, and received an incomplete mark in the LMS.

Earlier in the year, we incorporated into the courses brand new tick indictors on each activity and an info button, which together with the latest Completion Reminder feature help ensure all learners get the most out their learning and development experience.

We’re dedicated to regularly maintaining and updating our library, developing creative and practical features which improve both look & feel and instructional design to maximise engagement and efficacy for our learners.

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