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Posted March 26th, 2019

After speaking to over 150 L&D professionals at the recent Learning Technologies event in London, we found that the most often shared learner engagement challenge was time.

Changing an ingrained organisational habit and shifting the mindset so that training is no longer seen as a time-stealer but instead something that’s truly valuable and beneficial, both to the organisation and the individual, can be an extremely tricky task! Both in the seminar given by MicroLearn’s Creative Director, Ali Soper, and in a recent blog post, we explored how we can combat some common engagement challenges, including the challenge of not having or making enough time for learning opportunities.

If time is your biggest challenge, considering first the length of training you offer to your employees – could this message be more concisely delivered? Traditional eLearning content has often been accused of being long for the sake of being long. Can we break down the topic into bite-sized chunks instead of hour-long online courses to make the content more relevant and focused? This will enable learners to access the content at the point of need, in the flow of their work day. Helping to solve a particular problem or develop a specific skill, bite-sized content can effectively support a learner just in time.


Then consider how the content is delivered, to make finding and accessing learning as simple as possible – can you make training accessible on the go? If our aim is to encourage our staff to make the most of opportunities to learn and develop, it’s essential to ensure that your content works across devices, anywhere, so that learners can choose moments which suit them and aren’t confined to “setting aside time” for linear, long-form training.

And finally, consider the best medium of delivery for the task – could short video-based delivery be more effective? Or compact interactive learning? What will your teams find most relevant and easy to digest? Consider a microlearning approach to content delivery, where the learning is modular and delivered in small, very specific bursts, which significantly aids retention and comprehension rates.

As time is such an invaluable asset for individuals and for organisations alike, finding and implementing learning solutions which recognise and enforce that training doesn’t have to be long-winded to be effective will undoubtedly have an instrumental impact on engagement levels and the overall learning culture throughout the business.

For more information on microlearning or to discover how MicroLearn can help boost your organisation’s learning culture, check out our blog series or contact the team today via hello@microlearn.com.

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