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Posted July 27th, 2018
Is your organisation combatting it?

Modern slavery is seeping into all areas of British life, stretching from the Cornish coast to Highland crofts, it appears in both poor and affluent areas alike, involves British citizens as well as foreign nationals, and affects men, women and children. With the National Crime Agency (NCA) reporting a 35% annual rise in the number of suspected slavery victims found in the UK, it’s more important than ever for organisations to educate their employees to recognise the signs of slavery, which is why MicroLearn created a designated course on Modern-Day Slavery.

According to the NCA’s report Labour exploitation is the most common type of modern slavery with high-risk sectors including temporary workers employed in distribution and office cleaning; agency labour for logistics operations; car-washing companies; construction workers and outsourced security staff. However, high-street retailers, fishing fleets, meat and poultry processing and garment manufacturing industries are also affected.

Following the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, all organisations operating with the UK and recording a global turnover of more than £36 million are required to produce a slavery and human trafficking statement at the end of each financial year to highlight the steps they’ve taken to ensure this behaviour isn’t occurring either within their own operations or their supply chains.
The statement should also document the training provided to their staff and in some cases, their suppliers, which has been designed to help combat the growing problem of Slavery in Britain.

As part of our compliance catalogue, we’ve specifically developed a range of short training modules to help organisations meet their corporate social obligations including a course on Modern Day Slavery which explores the origins of slavery, the types in operation today, how to identify victims of slavery and what action can be taken to protect individuals from exploitation.

For more information or to explore the content for yourself email hello@microlearn.com and we’ll set you up with a Free Trial.

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