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Posted March 11th, 2019

In a world that seems to be very demanding, being able to cultivate and sustain everyday energy levels can be challenging.

With regards to energy, there is nobody on this planet that is exactly the same as you. There are, of course, many principles that apply to us all as members of the human race, for example, every person needs to move and fuel themselves to keep going; however, to what extent will vary from each individual. Energy is something that is very personal and the more you understand how to positively harness and utilise your resources the more effective you will be.

In many ways you are essentially the evolutionary dynamics that you have inherited from your parents and the genetically inherited strengths and weaknesses. The complex interaction of these factors ensures that each individual is born unique and identifying what depletes and boosts your is energy is a good place to start.

It is also worth bearing in mind that personal energy is not just about physical energy. Consider a more holistic approach and look at these four key areas and ask yourself the following questions:

Physical energy – How healthy are you? Do you eat a healthy balanced diet? Do you exercise enough? Do you avoid toxins and drink plenty of water?

Emotional energy – How happy are you? Do you dwell on the negative experiences from your past or catastrophise about what may happen in the future? Do you spend time feeling grateful? Are you mindful and appreciative of the present moment?

Mental energy – How well can you focus on something? Are you easily distracted? Do you find it hard to say no?

Spiritual energy – Are you true to your purpose and personal values? Are you committed to what you do?

The more you understand about these aspects of energy management the better equipped you will be to cope with all the demands you have to deal with and cultivate and sustain everyday energy.

The higher your energy levels, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results

Anthony Robbins

Liggy Webb

Written by Liggy Webb

Liggy Webb is an award winning thought leader and best selling author in the field of life skills and behavioural change. She is an international consultant working with a range of global organisations and the founding Director of The Learning Architect, a consortium of learning and development specialists who work to support workforces that are fit for the future.

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