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Posted September 12th, 2018

This new blog series by MicroLearn’s Creative Director, Ali Soper, explores a Step by Step plan to help you to successfully market your learning initiatives internally to maximise both learner engagement and return on investment.

It’s all very well having a great user-friendly learning platform and engaging eLearning content, but if your learners aren’t finding and exploring the digital resources, your initiatives will all have been in vain. To create and sustain successful digital learning strategies, effective and ongoing internal marketing is essential.

To encourage staff to actively participate in your learning schemes, it can be extremely helpful to implement a marketing plan which will support roll out and ongoing promotion ensuring you see return on your investment.

Internal marcoms is about more than simply sending an email to instruct staff to log on to the platform and check out new and existing content. It’s about devising a creative plan which helps to generate a buzz, build advocates & champions, promote new ideas and drive learner engagement within your organisation.

So how do you go about doing this, when time and resource is limited? Well, this blog series is designed to help you design, implement and maintain an effective learning strategy within your organisation, making the most of your content and platform investment.

So what are the steps to successful internal marketing?

Well you can’t go wrong by following these:

  1. Set your objectives: Make these SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound) .
  2. Consider your target audience: Who they are and what they want
  3. Branding: Make your initiative stand out.
  4. Attention: Think of ways to grab people’s attention andtease your audience so they’ll want to find out more.
  5. Interest: Think of the key messages which will increase interest and address any ‘pain points’ – make them relevant and think of ways to empathise.
  6. Desire: Use these messages so the audience can’t wait to have a go. Create a buzz by thinking about what the audience wants to achieve.
  7. Action: Provide them with ways to try out the digital learning again and again.
  8. Plan and execute your campaign: Keep it interesting and use a diverse mix of approaches.
  9. Do it again and again: How about using case studies, monthly topics, competition? Most of all, keep your approach creative and consistent!

In the rest of this series, we’ll explore each stage of the marketing process to help you promote learning strategies within your organisation. Look out for a new post every Wednesday or contact the team on hello@microlearn.com to discuss how MicroLearn can support your launch and ongoing promotion.

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