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Posted September 5th, 2018

MicroLearn’s Creative Director, Ali Soper, expands on a recent webinar with our partner Synergy Learning, which explored ways to engage busy, modern learners.

It’s safe to say that with growing workloads and increasing demands on time, learners often feel too overwhelmed to even consider making time for training. Yet, as Learning & Development professionals, it’s our responsibility to devise learning strategies which will help our teams to work smarter without wasting time or money.

I recently joined MicroLearn’s partners Synergy Learning to present a webinar session focused on ways to engage today’s busy learners, exploring common learning challenges, how to change learner expectations and the benefits of introducing a microlearning strategy to create a motivated and engaged learning organisation.

The key to developing a strategy for personal and professional development within an organisation is understanding the challenges your learners face. In the webinar, we explored the three most common challenges; not having enough time, training doesn’t suit learning needs and eLearning is just a bit dull!

To kick off the session, I asked the attendees to vote on which of these challenges most applied to their organisation, with the results revealing that not having enough time and feeling as though the training isn’t relevant were the greatest challenges they faced.

1. Not enough time for training!

unnamed 1Challenge:

With traditional training often drawn out, modern learning needs to combat the idea that for learning to valuable it must be lengthy. Traditional learning, with reams of text and click-next-to-continue delivery, often misses the mark by creating passive, unengaged learners – the last thing we want as content creators!


Opting for a microlearning approach allows you to jump in at the point of need, anytime anywhere and explore content that’s bite-sized and accessible. Covering the key points concisely but comprehensively, microlearning resources can save the day!

2. One size doesn’t fit all!

unnamed 2Challenge:

Whether you’re a team of 50 or an organisation of 3000, delivering one, tedious format of learning for all your staff is inevitably going to miss the mark, as not all learners are the same! What’s more, generic training which doesn’t actually help you improve your workplace skills is always going to feel like a time stealer!


Multi-modal content is a great way to offer the right content for different types of learners. For example, video-based resources, interactive components, quizzes, infographics, workbooks and more – it offers something for every team member and every role.

3. eLearning is boring!

unnamed 3Challenge:

If training just isn’t appealing and doesn’t keep a learner’s attention, they’re far less likely to actively engage with the digital content available to them. Beyond mandatory training, wouldn’t it be great to see a dramatic rise in self-enrolment and completion rates because your teams are genuinely enjoying and seeing benefits from their learning experiences?


Select a blend of fun, bright and engaging modern learning which is built not just to be more engaging than traditional training but also to support retention and to help career development.

We explored the benefits of implementing a microlearning strategy, to help tackle these learning challenges and the growing expectations of increasingly tech-savvy learners by offering bite-sized, relevant and responsive learning resources which are affordable and can be accessed on the go.

Creating and sustaining a true learning culture, where advocates champion your learning initiatives and promote your good work, is the best way to engage learners as they’ll be able to see what’s in it for them! Your organisation will benefit from engaged teams, who no longer view training as a time-stealer but instead see learning opportunities as worthwhile investments for both personal and professional development!

Many thanks again to the team at Synergy for inviting me to join the webinar series. To catch up on the Engaging Modern Learners with Digital Content webinar or any others in the series, click here.

For more on MicroLearn’s mission to improve learner engagement, email the team at hello@microlearn.com to continue to the conversation!

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