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Posted June 29th, 2017

Earlier this week, we launched our new Change Management range, designed to help employees adapt to new situations in the workplace.

We know that change is an important part of any organisation’s success, but it can be overwhelming! That’s why we created the new range to help employees recognise why change is vital and how to adapt.

The range includes courses on Making the Change, Experiencing Change, Seeing Change Through, Thriving in Change, The Need for Strategy and Challenging the Status Quo.

As always, you can select the resources you want, depending on your needs, whether that’s the 15-minute module which includes the whiteboard explainer video, extended learning and a short quiz to check understanding, the VideoPlus (the video and the quiz), or just the Video.

This is the first of three new course ranges, MicroLearn plans to launch over the next few months, alongside Workplace Wellbeing and Interview Techniques, which are currently in development.

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