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Posted August 16th, 2018

Performance and productivity are two words likely to keep senior managers awake at night, as a focus on improvement is no longer optional if organisations want to survive and thrive.

Many organisations recognise that they need to engender a High-Performance culture throughout the organisation, with team leaders required to focus on which team members will work together productively enabling them to achieve great results.

Historically, teams have tended to be small, however, in our online-centric world, teams have grown dramatically, particularly those that are “virtual” in nature.

Believing team leadership is the key to success, MicroLearn embraces the ideas of leadership author, Gary Yukl, who wrote: “a shared process of enhancing the collective and individual capacity of people to accomplish their work roles effectively… the leadership actions of any individual leader are much less important than the collective leadership provided by members of the organisation”

Providing learning content via a resource library, MicroLearn’s courses can be used both for reflection and as a just-in-time learning tool, available at the team’s fingertips and designed to fit around their work flow.

The library helps encourage improved teamwork through the sharing of ideas, debate, collaboration, decision-making and dealing with changing priorities as well as the establishment and achievement of team goals.

In fact, MicroLearn’s suite of Leadership content helps leaders hone the three essential skills groups:

  • Task Skills —The ability to set goals, establish priorities, assign roles and responsibilities, plan and run effective meetings, and monitor results.
  • People Skills —The ability to connect with people, resolve conflicts, motivate, and celebrate success.
  • Diagnostic Skills —The ability to diagnose situations and determine what’s needed to progress.

In addition, MicroLearn’s catalogue also features courses on teamwork, personal development and team management as it looks to support both the team and High Performance Team Processes (communicating, making decisions and accountability).

As your high performing team seeks further challenges, pushes for increased performance goals and demands a higher level of performance from each other ensure you’re supporting their development with MicroLearn.

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