Do you sigh every time you hear the words ‘Data Protection’? It's a topic that we all need to know and understand at work, but can fill many of us with dread!

The Data Protection principles cover a lot of legislation which can be difficult to take in, and you may find yourself asking 'what's this got to do with me?'. That's why we’ve created a one minute video on ‘Day to Day Data Handling’ in the office to try to make Data Protection more relevant to you and your everyday working life.

This short, educational video will help you to understand some of the simple, day-to-day things you can do to ensure confidential information stays confidential.

The best part? This is a free resource! So why not share it round the office?


If you're interested in viewing our full Data Protection range, please get in touch.

24/04/2017 • The MicroLearn Team