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Join us at Learning Technologies 2018!
16/01/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

What a year it's been! We’re excited to announced that MicroLearn will be returning to Learning Technologies at the Olympia in London, on January 31 and February 1, following our successful launch at the 2017 event.

Module of the Month - January
02/01/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

We know that come January each year, our social media, news feeds and workplace conversations are often filled with talk of resolutions and new years’ goals, which tend to focus on self-improvement and personal wellbeing. That’s why we’ve chosen ‘Healthy Living’ as our first Module of the Month for 2018.

Module of the Month - December
29/11/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

To mark the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery in December,
we’re making Modern Day Slavery our module of the month.

Module of the Month - November
01/11/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

Module of the Month - November
‘Remember, remember the fifth of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot.’

As November 5th is Bonfire Night, we’re making our Fire Safety course November’s Module of the Month.

Module of the Month - October
29/09/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

To mark World Mental Health Day on October 10, we’re making our Mental Health course,
Module of the Month for October.

MicroLearn To Present At CLC Member Meeting
13/09/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be presenting at the next CLC (The Charity Learning Consortium) Member Meeting, in London, on Thursday, September 21.

Module of the Month - September
08/09/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

To celebrate International Literacy Day on September 8, we’ve decided to make Writing a Report, from our Literacy Skills range, the Module of the Month for September.

MicroLearn Extends Apprenticeship Month
06/09/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

Due to the popularity of our recent Apprenticeship Month, and to mark the start of the academic year, we’re pleased to announce that we’re extending the campaign into September!

Why are so many businesses missing out on opportunities
provided by the Apprenticeship Levy?
09/08/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

The Apprenticeship Levy, introduced earlier this year, was designed to help businesses like yours support people from all walks of life, regardless of experience, by increasing their career potential through training.

Module of the Month - August

02/08/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

As August is National Road Victim month, we’ve chosen Driving at Work
as our Module of the Month.

Module of the Month - July

07/07/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

Marking the halfway point of the year, July is often a time of change with people making new resolutions for the rest of the year ahead. That’s why we’ve made Thriving in Change our Module of the Month.

Change is in the Air – Brand New Change Management Range

29/06/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

​​​​​​​Earlier this week, we launched our new Change Management range, designed to help
​​​​​​​employees adapt to new situations in the workplace.

Reflecting on the CLC Members Meeting

23/06/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

Ali and Elle, from the MicroLearn team, had an informative and interesting day at the Charity Learning Consortium’s (CLC) Member’s Meeting in London on Thursday, meeting representatives from the various charities.

On Your Bike - Celebrating Bike Week 2017

14/06/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
Bike Week, June 10-18, is an annual event designed to promote the social, physical and environmental
benefits of cycling. Approximately five million people cycle at least three times a week.

Celebrating Volunteer's Week 2017!

06/06/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
Volunteers Week, June 1-7, is an annual event celebrating the contribution of people who give up their
time to volunteer with a wide range of charities and organisations across the UK.

Module of the Month - June

01/06/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
June is an extremely busy month full of National Days and Awareness Weeks. So picking our Module of the month was tricky!
The end of the month, JUNE 26 - JULY 2, is Deafblind Awareness Week.

The New General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

30/05/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
By now, we’re sure you’ve heard the term GDPR being mentioned...but what actually is GDPR? Well, GDPR stands for
the General Data Protection Regulations which will be replacing the Data Protection Act in May 2018.

Learning at Work Week 2017

17/05/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
This week is Learning at Work (LAW) Week (15th - 21st May). We are supporting LAW Week 2017
by offering all of our Modules for free for the whole week!

CIPD Show a Success for MicroLearn

12/05/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
It’s been a busy few days at the CIPD L&D show at London’s Olympia exhibition centre, and we’re now back at our desks,
reflecting on the event where the response to MicroLearn content was very encouraging.

Module of the Month - May 2017

03/05/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
After a great April and the successful launch of our ‘Module of the Month’ series, we’re back in May with a new
hot topic. We’re super busy this month, attending the CIPD show next week (stand 302!)

Day-to-Day Data Handling

24/04/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
Do you sigh every time you hear the words ‘Data Protection’? It's a topic that we all need to know
and understand at work, but can fill many of us with dread!

Top Five Tips to Deal With Stress

07/04/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
Stress is something that we all experience in our lives, to varying degrees, but it doesn’t have to
dominate everything, a few simple changes can make a big difference.

Module of the Month - April 2017

04/04/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
Here at MicroLearn, we’re proud of the courses we create, so much so we want to share them with you!
That’s why we’ve decided to start a Course of the Month scheme.

Don’t Text and Drive…Introducing the New UK Driving Penalties

29/03/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
As of March 2017, following a rise in the number of phone-related traffic accidents on UK roads, new laws have been introduced cracking down on drivers using handheld phones to call, text or tweet at the wheel.

The Fight for Gender Equality Continues…

08/03/2017 • The MicroLearn Team
A new study, released to correspond with International Women’s Day 2017 and published by the BBC(i), has found that ‘the number of women getting top jobs at UK sporting bodies is down by 6% since 2014.’

The Importance of Cyber Security

14/02/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

Cyber security is a hot topic of conversation at the moment. The Sunday Times shared an article titled, “Damaging cyberattack ‘inevitable’” and it seems that everyone needs to be on high alert.

Learning Technologies Round Up

07/02/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

After a busy time at the Learning Technologies Expo in London, we’re now back in the office and reflecting on MircoLearn’s official launch.

Welcome to MicroLearn!

07/01/2017 • The MicroLearn Team

Hello and welcome to MicroLearn! Thanks for checking out our very first blog post. We’re really excited to be announcing our official launch! After a year of hard work, we’re ready to launch our brand new content at the Learning Technologies Show 2017.